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Elgi EG-11 with Refrigerated Air Dryer

I just switched out our compressor and this machine is much more energy efficient, saving us a lot in my electric bill! Show more

ALTEC MHR Series Dessicant Dryer

 We've been saving on our energy bill because it uses heat instead of A/C so no water issues wasting time and money. Show more

ROTAIR D900 Portable Air Compressor

Super easy to travel with since the base is attached to the unit! It has a high-quality air-end. Show more

FS-Curtis NX series B18 Air Compressor

I wasn't sure about this unit since it's belt driven but it's extremely efficient and I was surprised I could talk to my engineer right next to it without shouting. Show more



Casey Penry, CEO

About Penry Air

The founder of Penry Air, Casey Penry, grew up in an family that owned a few industrial equipment companies.  He’s spent the past 40 years watching his father perform every task of business ownership. From the sales desk to the shop floor and out into the field calling on business to business companies both small and large developing relationships and forming alliances with some of the worlds top air compressor leaders. From the sales desk to the maintenance floor Bill Penry has worked every angle within the air compressor industry.  Read more …

Casey Penry, CEO



Modbus: The Original IoT
Air & Energy Monitoring
Industry 4.0 and Technological Advances in the Air Compressor Industry

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